Routes of the Spanish network of Castles and Palaces.

You can find several routes all along the network of Castles and Palaces of Spain. Every route is surrounded by a topic or story, making easier to define and prepare your own trip arround Spain.

¡Choose your route and enjoy the experience!

Route of the Empress Eugenia of Montijo

This route is dedicated to Eugenia de Guzmán y Portocarrero (1826-1920), Countess of Teba and[...]

Marquisate of Villena’s Castles: Belmonte, Garcimuñoz, Alarcon, Chinchilla de Monte-Aragón, Alcala del Jucar, Almansa and Villena. 2 or 3 days.

Route where tourists can see the renowned villages which were part of the Marquisate of Villena. A c[...]

Mountain Castles: Puebla de Sanabria, Cornatel and Ponferrada.

Around these three castles you will not only find history, you can also enjoy mountain landscapes. [...]

King Ferdinand III on the route of Castles and Palaces of Andalusia

This route is characterized by a tour of castles and palaces located in towns that were conquered by[...]

Following the footsteps of Mendoza

Route that will take us through two sites of the powerful family of Mendoza. The first of these is t[...]

Borders of the Nazarí Kingdom of Granada: Kingdom of Murcia and Kingdom of Jaén

Route that remembers the limits of the East and the North with the Nazari Kingdom of Granada an[...]

Following Don Quixote’ Steps: Belmonte, El Toboso and Consuegra.

You will get to know places that seduced Cervantes, leading him to write his famous novel Don Quixot[...]

Marquisate of Villena’s Castles: Belmonte, Garcimuñoz and Alarcon. 1 day

In this route, tourists will be able to know three important Villages, declared “Historical-Ar[...]

The castles of the lands of Duchy of Albuquerque

Since the fifteenth century Don Beltrán de la Cueva, deprived of Henry IV of Castile was crea[...]