General Conditions


Terms of service of each castle or palace, as public property, are regulated by different ordinances and regulations established by local administrations with these general conditions being only a broad information framework that aims to provide basic information on the provision of guided visits and additional services offered by the provider of the said entity (be it public or private). Therefore, SPAIN HERITAGE NETWORKS (brand of SPAIN HERITAGE TOURS, S.L., hereinafter, SPAIN HERITAGE) acts solely as a mere agent between the user and the entity and/or company that possess the development authority and arranges such services.

Notwithstanding the above, for the benefit of the service of mediation between the user and SPAIN HERITAGE the following norms will be applied:

  • Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, proceeded to recast in a single text of Act 26/1984, of 19 July, General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, and the norms of transposition of the community directives issued for the protection of consumers and users that indicate the aspects regulated in it.
  • Act 34/2002, 11 of July, of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act.


With each reservation process, the user will receive specific information on each and every aspect of it (price, schedule, content and conditions of contracted service) before finalizing the order and the confirmation of sale.

Said information will be released by the service provider, hence SPAIN HERITAGE is not responsible for its content and eventual changes, including those the provider failed to inform SPAIN HERITAGE about

It is important to mention that SPAIN HERITAGE act as an intermediary between the guest/user and the castle/service provider, being responsible for the reservation and payment processes, but not the visit itself, for which the service provider takes full responsibility.

Likewise, the user should know that operation of the services, which all General Conditions refer to, not only involves the participation of third-party suppliers of goods and/or services, as well as the use of public and private communication infrastructure, the use of systems, computer applications, etc., so that SPAIN HERITAGE does not participate in shareholding of the companies that provide the goods and/or services, nor manages them. For this, SPAIN HERITAGE cannot guarantee the permanent functioning of services included on, as well as their continuity, which could be affected for instances of maintenance, updates, new services operations and/or force majeure, each and all of which might cause a temporary suspension of services.



The price of the service includes general entry into the Castle, which means access to the main area as well as to exhibitions and permanent collections that the castle advertises as included in the price.

In case of a temporary exhibition coinciding with the Castle tour, with access and capacity controlled by schedule, the visitor should obtain the corresponding ticket indicating time of entry and length of the visit, according to the rules set for that temporary exhibition.

Except particular cases in which provider’s conditions state otherwise, it is understood that purchased entries are not viable for refund on SPAIN HERITAGE part, all without prejudice to the right of cancellation within 14 days from the purchase, in which case means the user should contact the provider.

The accreditation of the documentation giving the right to tax exemption, fiscal benefits and fee reduction should be official, valid and visibly updated in each case.

Services and activities will be subject to established tariffs and general conditions, with assignments to special and organized groups and for establishing days of free access, promotional campaigns and tools.


Each service provider establishes their ticket office hours and visits, as well as days of the week in which they vary depending on the provider’s own organization and on the seasons (summer/winter), also establishing the timetables and, in their case, minimum advance with which the visitor must appear at the entrance to the activities, performances and special services.

Changes in schedule may be applied due to extraordinary circumstances.

During holidays, as well as local and community celebrations, there is a chance that various services (public transport, shops, museums, performances, etc.) alter their schedule or close without previous notice; similarly during those days changes in transit routes may occur and extend the duration of transfer.


Among the service the castle/supplies loans the user during a visit the following options can be found, albeit not all of them might be included in the price of an entry and their prices have to be consulted previously:

  • Self-guided: free of charge tour designed for general public.
  • Guided: general group visit, previous reservation needed.
  • Professional: aimed at professionals and specialists.
  • Miscellaneous Activities: the service may offer or include spectacle-like visits, workshops, temporary exhibitions, (self)-promotional campaigns, amongst others.
  • The sale of various educational and informative additional materials: audio-guide, catalogues, books, etc.


Age restrictions may apply when visiting the castle, as all children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by adults. It is necessary to ask the service provider for details previously.


Per normal, the service providers demand previous request and initial payment from organized groups. It is obligatory for organizational reasons. Sending entrance request presupposed the acceptance of the norms and terms of use specified by the provider.

In case of assigning spaces (following point) and temporary exhibitions, the provider reserves the possibility of not allowing entry to organized groups, as well as establishing special conditions for group visits in terms of hours, duration of the trip and maximum number of members, among others, all with the intention of guaranteeing a quality visit.

As a general rule, the condition of visits to organized groups is granted to those of 10 or more people. The maximum number of participants is determined by the service provider depending on the capacity of different functions.


It is possible that the service provider will temporarily reserve a number of entries for other events, such as weddings or other types of ceremonies and events. SPAIN HERITAGE is not responsible for a temporary loss of entries during a visit that the service provider had contracted before without previously informing SPAIN HERITAGE.


To be considered a large family, all members of the family unit should be citizens of Spain or any country with European Union / EEA (Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland) membership and be in possession of Spanish residency. Benefits can be accessed also by hose families in which, having their residence in another Member State of the European Union or one that is a party to the Agreement of the European Economic Area, at least one of the ascendants of the family unit has their economic activity or is employed in Spain and whenever they possess a large family document issued by one of the Spanish Autonomous Communities.

Members of family units with different nationalities have their right of being recognized as a large family with equal conditions to Spanish citizens, provided that all the members that give rights to the benefits this Law refers to are residents of Spain.

Discounts for large families for given services are determined by their providers, unless established by legal provisions.

The service provider may request the necessary documentation where the conditions of large family are accredited in order to be able to issue their air ticket with said discount.

In all cases, the client is responsible for correctly submitting personal details of all the participants. Occurrence of errors falsifying any data may result in appliance of additional fees by the service provider. In such instance, if said payment were to be charged to SPAIN HERITAGE., the company may in turn charge the client the amount in question.

The client will receive information on services provided for families (numerous or not) depending on whether the given establishment contains any reference in this regard in their own public materials.


Entrances and services, to which general conditions refer to, can be purchased through the access of the URL:

The main site presents all castles and palaces with active ticket sale, offering information on each service icon. The user may start the purchasing process and receive information about schedules, prices, dates (if applicable) and specific conditions, always before the end of the purchase process.

In addition to requesting all the necessary data for the means of payment available, the page offers the possibility of accessing the General Conditions, which regulate the acquisition of the locations, being necessary for the user to check the acceptance box of the same so that the purchase process ends. If the user wishes to print the General Conditions, they could do so by positioning the mouse pointer on them, pressing right button and option to print.

Payment is done by credit card and only with cards specified on the purchase page.

Once the process is validated and confirmed, the system will display a summary of the operation, send purchase notification to the customer’s e-mail and the option to print the entry will appear, thus completing the purchase process.

If the payment gateway denies the purchase, a message will appear on that page and the system will send the customer to the Start of Purchase page without processing the payment.

The entries can be printed on the user's own hardware unit (personal computer). For any other delivery method, please contact the customer service email:

The cancellation insurance covers the cancellation of the purchase with 24 hours advance and the return of the amount of the entrance, never of the administrative costs or the own amount of cancellation insurance.


If you have any doubts, suggestions, questions about the status of your reservation, etc. SPAIN HERITAGE. can be reached via following channels:


Regarding the recommended web links to other service suppliers included on, it should be noted that the owners of the pages are the entities and businesses that are administrative bodies totally independent from SPAIN HERITAGE. This being said, the main service contracted via this web page is neither lodging nor accommodation, but only a guided tour or an excursion with a duration of less than 24 hours, which means it does not include any of aforementioned services. Neither does the current normative mention package holidays, nor is it established for linked travel services.

SPAIN HERITAGE will delete any web link and will not recommend a business/website upon receiving reliable proof that the business/website (and/or the services it provides) is unlawful or injures property or rights of third parties liable for compensation.


The access, browsing and use of the network implied the user’s agreement with aforementioned General Conditions. In case the user/consumer finalizes an e-contract and/or fills in a registration form, they should accept the General Conditions before submitting their data by clicking “I read and agree to the General Conditions”.

For any further information on SPAIN HERITAGE., terms of use of the network, privacy policy, legal disclaimer and cookies, please consult with the relevant information tools included on the main site.


SPAIN HERITAGE. is authorized to modify the General Conditions at any moment. The entity will inform of all eventual changes and derogations via an online release at the moment they will have been applied. Users will be able to see all the modifications entering


General Conditions and all modifications and derogations are applied the same day they are published online on


In accordance with Art 52.2 of Code of Civil Procedure, in order for the user to take legal action, it has to be taken to the right jurisdiction body, per customer’s choice, either the court of the user’s domicile or the court relevant to the company providing the service, which the user considers liable.