Parador de Lleida. Convento S.XVII

Calle Cavallers, 15 (Acceso peatonal, no circulable) (Parking en C/ La Palma 21-23) 25002 Lleida Lleida

Restaurant of Parador de Lleida. Convento S.XVII

Enjoy local dishes at Parador de Lleida. Convento S.XVII's Restaurant.

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Restaurant Information.

The church, which has been converted into the main dining room, is an incomparable setting in which to enjoy Catalan regional cuisine. Since its very beginnings, Paradores has been a leader in gastronomy. Local, quality raw ingredients and traditional recipes combined with excellent service are the basis of Paradores' gastronomic offering. The Parador Convent del Roser de Lleida is home to a Marmita restaurant that aims to become one of the best restaurants for quality cooking in the city. The kitchen is committed to regional cooking, serving local specialities like snails, cured sausage, local casseroles and fruit along with the wines from the Designation of Origin Segre region and Extra Virgin Olive Oil with its own Protected Designation of Origin from Les Garrigues.

Speciality dishes: cod and snails. On a weekend every May, locals celebrate the Aplec del Cargol, a snail-themed festival that attracts tens of thousands of people keen to feast on these tasty gastropods. Many restaurants offer cargols a la llauna, grilled snails with salt and pepper, or in dishes with other ingredients.  

Restaurante Parador de Lleida

Cuisine: Regional, Catalan

Specialties: Cod and Snails

Capacity: 325

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