Castillo del Rey Fernando II de León, Parador de Benavente

Paseo de la Mota, s/n 49600 Benavente Zamora

Restaurant of Castillo del Rey Fernando II de León, Parador de Benavente

Enjoy local dishes at Castillo del Rey Fernando II de León, Parador de Benavente's Restaurant.

Discover recommended dishes and menus in the restaurant of Castillo del Rey Fernando II de León, Parador de Benavente.

Restaurant Information.

Enjoy the delicious cuisine of Zamora in a cozy restaurant with views of the valleys and countryside of Benavente. Savor local favorites such as asadillo (roasted red pepper and tomato salad) made with local peppers, roast suckling lamb and caramel custard, as well as bacalao a la tranca (garlic paprika cod) and stews featuring the finest game, including quail, hare and wild boar.

In the province of Zamora, it is quite common to have tapas as an appetizer. The most popular are beef and chicken sweetbreads, tripe, pork jowls, pork skewers and dos y pingada (fried eggs and ham). You can also enjoy a wide variety of fresh fish, including trout from Sanabria Lake and crayfish. There is even fish from Galicia, as the province of Zamora is located along the delivery route to Madrid.

Finish off your dining experience with luscious sweets such as rebojos zamoranos (a sort of cupcake), aceitadas (anise cookies), borrachos (sponge cake soaked in liqueur syrup), empiñonados (marzipan cookies with pine nuts), tocinillo de cielo (caramel custard) or delicious tarta del císter, an almond and angel hair cake made by the nuns of Benavente.

Our culinary offer

  • Restaurante Parador de Benavente

Cuisine:    Traditional


  • Dos y Pingada (fried eggs, marinated pork loin and chorizo sausage)
  • Local Pepper Salad
  • Bacalao a la Tranca
  • Slow-Cooked Free-Range Chicken
  • Tarta del Císter (almond cake)

Capacity:  180 Pax.

Gastronomic spaces:

  • Restaurante Conde Pimentel
  • Torre Bar
  • Torre Terrace Bar

Chef:  Bartolomé Durillo Durillo

Maître:  Yoel Bandera

Menú:  Starting at 31€

Group Menu:  Starting at 24€

Opening Hours 

  • Cafeteria:   11:00 - 24:00
  • Breakfast:   07:30 - 10:30
  • Lunch:   13:30 - 16:00
  • Dinner:   20:30 - 23:00

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