Palace of Oca

Pazo de Oca a Estrada

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A short distance from Santiago de Compostela, on the Pontevedra border of the Ulla river valley, is Galicia’s most visited manor house, the palacio de Oca, also widely known as "The Generalife of the North" or the "Galician Versailles”. Comparing the stone and plant architecture of this monument with that of those abovementioned, widely known, allows us to highlight the uniqueness and importance of the most stately and best preserved of the Galician pazos (stately homes). Although built far from the Court, this comparison (despite been hyperbolic) reminds us aptly that its design evokes that of the Barroco court gardens. 

According to the words used in 1945 by historian and academic Javier Sánchez Cantón in an effort to protect these gardens, the most outstanding aspect of this ensemble is the inextricable link between water, stone and vegetation which make this monument a masterpiece of architecture, engineering and gardening. 

The early fort home was built by order of Álvaro de Oca in the middle of the 15th century and was lost shortly afterwards to the Miter of Compostela in the fights between the Galician nobility and the archbishop of Santiago. In 1564, it passed to King Felipe II who sold it to María de Neyra and thus it was passed down from generation to generation until the XVIII Duchess of Medinaceli who in 1978 donated it to the Casa Ducal de Medinaceli Foundation after its formation

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Non-guided visits: from Monday to Sunday, last entrance 30 minutes before closing time. Guided visits from Friday to Sunday. For more details, please, contact Spain Heritage Network.

  • Summertime opening times, from November to March: 9-18:30
  • Wintertime opening times, from April to October: 9-20:30


  • Pazo de Oca a Estrada
How to get there:

Located in Pontevedra, by the bank of the Ulla river valley, Oca is within the borders of the village called La Estrada, in the parish of San Esteban de Oca, 24 kilometres from Santiago de Compostela, towards Orense.

The recommended route to get to the palace from Santiago de Compostela is:

  • National Road no. 525, during 25 kilometres, around 30 minutes 
  • Lalín-Santiago Highway no. AP-53,  during 28 kilometres, around 30 minutes
  • Secondary roads no. AC-960 and N-525, during 29 kilometres, around 40 minutes