Doña Urraca Castle

Praza do Castelo, 4. Salvaterra de Miño. Pontevedra.

Cultural Visit

Dona Urraca Castle is perched on the Galician borough of Salvaterra de Miño and it is located in a privileged position, right on the border between Galicia and Portugal separated by the waters of the River Miño.

It is one of the most representative buildings of the whole region and part of the old medieval castle, which sheltered monarchs such as Dona Urraca, the Queen of Galicia in the late 11th and the early 12th centuries.

However, the modern appearance of the castle is the result of a Portuguese occupation in the 17th century, time when it is restructured by the French engineer Carlos Lessar.

This castle, of which today only a small part is preserved, was built in granite seal and ridge vaults made of brick and it is consists of two “L-shaped” plants.

In it, it is remarkable the “dressing room of Dona Urraca”, a small circular room that is in the lower floor, which was part of the only medieval tower that was preserved to date. This space has exceptional acoustics thanks to the thickness of its walls and vaulted shape.

In addition to that, it is also curious its “double-sided spiral staircase”, a unique example that communicates its two vaulted floors, as well as the “well” identified as an access point to a passageway that crossed the River Miño towards Portugal. According to a legend, it was used by Dona Urraca to escape to Portugal secretly.

The Castle, was declared, alongside the Fortress, as Cultural Heritage in 1949. Nowadays, the building houses the Wine Museum, inaugurated on the 25th of February 2019, being considered one of the largest spaces devoted to the dissemination on viticulture and enology in Spain.

Besides, it is one of the most interactive museums of our country. Thus, the museum is packed with panels, videos or games that do not leave people indifferent. Learning and having fun are both possible, at the same time, in the Wine Museum of Salvaterra de Miño.

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The castle open its doors:

  • Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 11:00 and 17:00h.
  • From Mondays to Thursdays only for groups. Visits temporarily canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.


  • January: 1 and 6
  • December: 25



Praza do Castelo, 4. Salvaterra de Miño. Pontevedra.

How to get there:
  • Highway A-52 and local road PO-403 (Ponteareas- Salvaterra)
  • Highway A-55 and local road PO-510 (Porriño/Salceda de Caselas- Salvaterra)
  • International bridge that links Monçao (Portugal) and Salvaterra de Miño.