Castle of Soutomaior

Castelo de Soutomaior, Rúa do Rial, s/n, 36691, Pontevedra, España

Cultural Visit

This architectural complex, half medieval fortress, half neo-Gothic palace, is made up of two towers linked by an habitable building and a parade ground, rounded by a double wall. Its origin, in the XII century, is related to Paio Méndez Sorrede’s figure. Intended as a military and defensive fortress until the XV century, it evolves consistently, from a defensive tower to a double walled fortress.

Pedro Madruga

Pedro Álvarez de Soutomaior, better known as Pedro Madruga, was the most singular character related to the castle. The Castle of Soutomaior enjoyed its period of maximum splendor during the XV century.

He became a legend because of his engagement in several episodes in the history of Galicia, as his confrontation with the “Irmandiños”, the church hierarchy or other noble families. Moreover, he was also responsible for the fortress rebuilt after be destroyed by the “Irmandiños revolt” in the XV century, adapting the castle for the use of firearms, which were introduced for the first time in Galicia.


After three centuries of decline and complete abandonment, the castle was transformed into a Residencial Palace at the end of the XVIII century when it was bought by the Marquis of Mos, who placed his coat of arms in the current south entrance.

In 1870, the Marquises of la Vega de Armijo y Mos transformed the castle into a summer neo-Gothic palace where the chapel and the Lady gallery are noteworthy. They are also responsible for creating the park and the gardens, declared in 2012 “Garden of Excellence” by the International Camellia Society.

María Vinyals, the Marquises’ niece, who was the heir of the Castle of Soutomaior, built the Lluria Sanatorium close to the castle together with her husband, Doctor Enrique Lluria. However, the political activities caused them to lose the property in the beginning of XX century, so the fortress started its gradual abandon and damage.

In 1982 the “Diputación de Pontevedra” bought the castle and the properties that surrounded it, making a great complex renovation, but preserving its original structure to used it for cultural purposes.


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Winter (October - April)
From Tuesday to Friday: from 10 to 19 
Saturday, Sunday and festivities: from 10 to 19
Monday: closed

Summer (May – September)
From Monday to Friday: from 10 to 20
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  • Castelo de Soutomaior, Rial, nn- 36691 Soutomaior
How to get there:

By plane: Peinador’s airport (Vigo)

By train: Arcade’s train station (Soutomaior)

By car:

  • From Vigo: N-552
  • From Pontevedra: N-550 and EP-2908, via EP-2908 and EP-0002, via EP-0001 and EP-2908.
  • From Santiago de Compostela: AP-9; via AC-242 or AP-9 and Pontevedra-Ourense road/N-541
  • From Oporto: A-3; via A28 or A28 and A55