Castle of Riudabella

Castillo de Riudabella 43430 Vimbodí i Poblet, TARRAGONA

Cultural Visit

The origins of Riudabella go back to prehistoric times, as evidenced by the existence of different sites in the area. The beginning of the building is located in the Iberian period, since in this location an Iberian defensive tower was found. Later in this same building there are different references to the settlement of a considerable Roman villa.

Towards century XII, after the Saracen occupation, Ramón Berenguer IV reconquests these territories and fields for the monks of the Cisternian orden who founded the Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet, and were in charge to develop different farms dedicated to the agricultural operation and the care of its surroundings.

Between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, Riudabella becomes an important "farmhouse" where they build on the existing elements, a fortified farmhouse with different rooms dedicated to accommodation, prayer and agricultural work by monks such as the cultivation of the vineyard and the elaboration of wine, honey and saffron. That explains the existence in the premises of an important "Celler" or winery of the time.

In the fifteenth century the abbot Delgado made several buildings and a chapel. Throughout the sixteenth-eighteenth centuries the monks made improvements.

During the period of the confiscation of Mendizábal, Pedro Gil i Babot, father of the great grandfather of the current owner, bought the farmhouse. The restoration was made during 1860 and it was when the buildings were rebuilt with a neo-medieval style, turning Riudabella into a castle.

It started as an agricultural farm and summer residence of the family, for private use, but over the years, the new concerns of society as well as economic changes in general, have made the family rethink and decide to open our home to the public,to be able to preserve it and face the costly maintenance that this type of buildings imply.

In that sense, it seemed more appropriate to open a topic "rural tourism" because of the unique environment in which the Castell de Riudabella is located. We started in 1992 with an apartment for 6 people in a wing of the castle and little by little we were adapting the adjoining facilities to provide pool and garden service.
Then we opened another apartament for 2 people.

With this idea, we continue working at this time. Our dream, would be to turn the Castell de Riudabella into a landmark of historical tourism, with a maximum of 20 people staying in apartments for 2/4 pax. located in different places outside the main building (garages, stables, huts ...) and keep the main building it to give special meals, hold events and meetings.

We also offer our guests the opportunity of a private guided tour of the castle with an explanation of its history and that of our family.

We have also adapted some rooms in the old barn, to offer them to celebrate weddings, events, business meetings... and thus expand the offer.

Our last great milestone will be to recover the old romantic garden and include it in our tourist offer and enjoy a privileged environment


Schedule can vary according to the agreement with the castle. For more info, please contact to Spain Heritage Network.

Usual timetable:

  • Monday to Sunday: 11:00 to 17:00.



Castillo de Riudabella 43430 Vimbodí i Poblet, TARRAGONA

How to get there:
  • From the highway exit AP2, Montblanc, (exit 9), take the N-240 to L, Espluga de Francoli.
  • When arriving at the town, go to the Monastery of Poblet that is indicated several times.
  • Once in front of the monastery you have to take the local road TV-700 and follow the signs that lead to Riudabella (about 6 km from the monastery).