Castle of Morella

Plaza Sant Francesc s/n. Morella. Castellón.

Cultural Visit

The castle is on a mountain in the middle of a valley.

It controls the region of Els Ports, a large territory of more than 1000 km2 that was set in the Islamic era. This landscape is approximately what you can see from the highest point of the castle (Plaza de armas). It is in Islamic era (7-14-1231) when the castle takes over from Lesera, the Iberian Roman city in the current term of Forcall, as a center of the region. In this period (1084) is when The Cid arrives, who was at the service of the Muslim king of Zaragoza.

The importance of the castle during the Christian era is given by its location in the geographical center of the Crown of Aragon. Moreover, the castle was the only fortress under the control of Aragon Crown in many kilometers around, because all the near territory was under military control. Jaime I el Conquistador said that the castle was worth as much as a county and that it could only be in the hands of the King.

It has gone through a thousand vicissitudes and countless wars: Unión wars, (s.XV), Las Germanías (XVI), war of succession (XVIII), Francés war (XIX) and three Carlist wars, the first one was the most important war (1833-1840). In this period appears the General Cabrera who ruled the castle and Morella as a small state at the end of the war.After the three Carlist wars, the castle and Saint Francesc Convent were controlled by the Otumba infantry regiment with 300 soldiers until 1911 when they leave the square.

So, the castle history covers from the Neolithic Age where there were already settlements until well into the 20th century.The history of the castle is linked to the history of Spain.

It is National historic monument from 4th July 1931.

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Summer, from Easter to October 12th:

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Winter, from October 13th to Easter:

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Plaza Sant Francesc s/n. Morella. Castellón

How to get there:

N-232  (Vinaròs-Vitoria) and right exitby CV-117.