Castle of Castalla

Cerro del Castillo – Carril de la Sang, 1. Castalla. Alicante

Cultural Visit

The Castle sits at the top of a strategic hill at an altitude of 780 metres. It is located in de region of l’Alcoià, in the interior part of the province of Alicante.

Its strategic location and proximity to hydrological resources and farmland areas contributed to the occupation of that hill since Bronze Age (second millennium B.C.), during Iberian and Roman periods (V B.C. – IV B.C. centuries).

Many centuries afterward, at the beginning of XI century, in the middle of Muslim control, it was planned the construction of the ‘hisn’ (castle), dependent on the Tania of Denia. This castle consists of a military area at the superior part of the hill, from which it is conserved the tank of the Parade ground. In the Castle we can find the parade ground that contains several walls with defensive towers and diverse structures in different states of preservation, caused by different historical moments: ‘Taifal’ (XI century), ‘Almohade’ (XII century – 1244), Medieval Christian age (1244-1299, XIV and XV centuries) and Modern Christian age (XVI century).

The palace has three floors and was built in the XIV century by D. Ramón de Vilanova; in the present days it is a museum and is decorated with medieval furniture. In the southern part of the fortification, we find a circular tower, which is popularly well-known as ‘Grossa’ (fat), built in 1529, the name was given due to the thickness of its walls. It contains 2 different floors with a crenelated terrace, its entrance is formed by an ashlar half pointed arch door. 


Guided Visits all year

From October to March

  • Tuesday to Friday at 16,30 h.,
  • Saturday, Sunday and Bank-holidays, at 12,30 h. 

From April to September

  • Tuesday to Friday at 17,00 h.
  • Saturday, Sunday and Bank-holidays at 12,30 h.
  • Sundays of May and June, at 11 h
  • Sundays of July and August, at 11,30 h.



From Madrid

  • Through the A3 or AP36  nad A31.  390 kms.  03:45 hs. by car

From Valencia

  • Through the A7, 135 kms and 1:35 hs.

From Murcia

  • AP7 and A7. 106 kms 1:11 hs.
  • A7 and A31.  112 kms. 1:15 hs.
How to get there:

Cerro del Castillo – Carril de la Sang, 1

There is just one way to enter into the Heritage Monument, as it is the Castle, which is on foot along the historic centre of Castalla, from Plaza Mayor to the entrance of the medieval village, where the Ermita de la Sangre (Hermitage) is located now.