Calatravo Castle of Lopera

Calle Castillo, s/n, 23780 Lopera, Jaén

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Cultural Visit

In Lopera we find one of the best examples of a castle built by the Military Order of Calatrava in the province of Jaén.

Located right in the center of the town, the castle, with an irregular pentagon floor plan, has two enclosures: an external one formed by wall lines and protected by five towers and, an internal one, in which two imposing towers called San Miguel and Santa María, respectively stand, and which are linked together by two canvases. The first was used to control access to the fortress. The tower of Santa María, for its part, was La Torre del Homenaje (The Keep).

Declared an asset of cultural interest in 1991, this fortress preserves the original walled perimeter, although over the years, it also served as a residence and even as a winery in the mid-20th century, which significantly altered the original physionomy of the fortress.

Thanks to the restoration work carried out, the castle of Lopera has recovered its original appearance and, in addition, the logical deterioration caused by the passage of time in a fortress that is considered by some researchers as one of the jewels of defensive architecture has been avoided. That is why, when the visitor crosses the main door, located in front of the current town hall and which gives access to the enclosure, the image they see is very similar to the one that any neighbor would see back in the 13th century.

Today, the castle, together with La Casa de la Tercia (The House of the Third), is the most significant monument in Lopera and one of the most important on La Ruta de los Castillos (The Route of the Castles) and Las Batallas de Jaén (The Battles of Jaén).

And finally, like any good castle, this one also has its legend that was born back in the 15th century and that tells the story of our treasure that to this day has not yet been recovered. Do you want to know more? The Castle of Lopera encloses in its old walls multiple episodes that occurred with the passing of the centuries.


Winter (from October 1st to May 31st):

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  • January 1st
  • December 25th
  • Penultimate weekend of August (patron saint festivities)



Castillo, no-number street, 23780 Lopera, Jaén

How to get there:

The main communication routes are the national highway Jaén-Córdoba N-324 and the dual carriageway of Andalucía N-IV Madrid-Cádiz, to which it is connected by the regional C-327 at a short distance.