Palacio de Torreorgaz, Parador de Cáceres

Calle Ancha, 6 10003 Cáceres Cáceres

Parador de Caceres

Hotel 4

Ancha, 6. CACERES


This hotel is located on Ancha Street, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage recognised Cáceres's old town and its artistic centre. It is built on the site of Torreorgaz Palace, on top of the Arabic foundations with a flashes the traditional Baroque coat of arms. Its internal courtyard, cobbled exterior, exposed wooden beams, and the lounge's original mantelpiece can still been seen in the hotel's decoration. The latter is a great option for those who need a quieter place where to do some internet browsing or simply enjoy a refreshing coffee. There is also a restaurant, where in a relaxed atmosphere guests can sample some unique local wines, delicious traditional dishes and chilled beverages.