Almodovar´s Castle

C/ Castillo, s/n. 14720 Almodóvar del Río, (Córdoba)

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Cultural Visit

The Castle of Almodóvar was built in the Arab period in the year 740. It received the name Almudawwar, which means the round, in honor of the shape of the land where it is settled.

It belonged to the Caliphate of Córdoba during the years of Abderramán III. When Al-Andalus was divided into different kingdoms independent of each other, known as the kingdoms of Taifas, the Castle belonged first to Seville’s kingdom and later to Carmona’s one and finally to Toledo’s kingdom.

In 1240, four years after the reconquest of Córdoba, the Castle was acquired by Fernando II “The Saint”, who rebuilt it and enlarged part of it.

During the reign of Peter I “El Cruel” or “El Justo”, the bastion reached one of its most splendid times, serving as a dwelling, prison and treasure chamber, thus establishing itself as a military function.

Among other personalities, the dungeons of the Castle of Almodóvar were occupied by D. Fadrique and Mrs. Juana de Lara.

It is in 1900, when its owner, D. Rafael Desmaissières and Farina, XII Count of Torralva, dedicates -for 36 years- his fortune and part of his life to rebuild the fortress.

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C/ Castillo, s/n.

14720 Almodóvar del Río, (Córdoba)

How to get there:

By road: 

  • A-431, Carretera Palma del Río