Castillo-Palacio de Albalate del Arzobispo

C/ Castillo nº1, 44550, Albalate del Arzobispo, Teruel

Hiking routes through Valdoria Ravine and Estrecho-Chaparros

Very interesting hiking routes within the municipality of Albalate.

Chaparros-Estrechos one is approximately 8 km long, always following the fluvial course of the Martín River. They are rugged and spectacular landscapes with abundant fauna.

You can see several groups of cave paintings of special singularity, both schematic and Levantine.

In the case of the Valdoria Ravine route, we can enjoy an interesting microclimate as well as a spectacular waterfall and a Via Ferrata. 

Details and Location

Recommended for all ages but with a certain harshness. The route is difficult, especially if you intend to do the via ferrata of the Valdoria ravine.

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