Castillo de La Monclova

Autovía del Sur, E5-N-IV. km.475

Active Turism

Active tourism is a type of tourism, in which the main reason for the trip are activities in natural environments. These may correspond to activities of contemplation and observation of nature such as ecotourism or ecotourism, or be activities that involve physical effort on the part of the participants and a certain level of controlled risk, as happens with adventure tourism.

Both active tourism, adventure tourism and adventure sports are recreational activities outdoors and are strongly linked to the natural environment where they develop.



Enjoy a day in the rural and natural environment in a playful way.
To favor the cohesion of the group with a common objective and apt for the occasion.

Promote the values of teamwork, cohesion, camaraderie and fair play, above individual and competitive values.

Do a small task of environmental education, where the environment where the activity is carried out is respected, in direct contact with nature and in a place of high environmental quality.

  • Aerial activities. Flight in for motor, paragliding, plane, balloon and helicopter
  • Motor activities. 4x4 route, quad circuits or buggy circuits.-
  • Water activities. Canoes and Kayaks.
  • Other activities such as archery, paint ball or bike routes.



Details and Location

  • These activities take place in the surroundings of Castle of the Monclova.
  • For more information, please, contact Spain Heritage Network

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